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Autumn Greetings


21st Mortgage Visits The Zoo!

Each year, 21st Mortgage holds a company picnic at the zoo. This yearly tradition is a favorite for our team members simply because 21st Mortgage loves Zoo Knoxville. 21st Mortgage has held a positive impact on Knoxville’s zoo over the past few years. The company’s annual picnic brings hundreds of families to the zoo. We use this opportunity to not only bond as a company but bond with our families in a recreational and educational environment. Really, there’s no better place to choose than the zoo for such an event!

Pictured above and below, our 21st Mortgage family enjoyed a BBQ picnic together followed by viewing all the various animals and attractions at the zoo. It was a perfect activity to wrap up the summer with our families as we enter a new season.
21st Mortgage BBQ picnic
21st Mortgage at Knoxville Zoo
21st Mortgage family picnic
Football Fan Safety

football season in KnoxvilleFootball season in Knoxville brings a whole host of seasonal activities for football fans, from game-day tailgates and sports bar outings, to friendly bets and bowl parties. At 21st Insurance Agency, we want your football season to be both exciting and safe, so as you cheer your team to victory, consider the following tips.

  • Keep it clean: Tailgating is one of America’s favorite pastimes! If you plan to, opt for non-breakable, recyclable containers. This will make cleanup easier and help avoid injuries from broken glass.
  • Be smart: Whether you are tailgating, hosting a football-watch party at your home, sitting in the stands, or joining your buddies at the local bar, know your limit on alcohol intake and make sure you have a designated driver. Fill those bellies as well! Whenever alcohol is consumed, make sure food is too.
  • Know where you’re going: Pre-plan travel to and from the stadium to avoid getting lost and to make finding parking easier if you drive.
  • Be weather wise: If you’re heading to the stadium, be sure to prepare for the weather. In colder temps, bring layers and blankets, especially if you’re bringing little ones.
  • Keep it close: Whether you’re hitting the live game or the local tavern, be sure to keep your valuables, such as wallets, cell phones, and purses, safe. Keep it close to you (better yet, attached) at all times to avoid theft.

Ensure you have sufficient liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy, as well as medical payments coverage. These exist to protect you in the event someone becomes bodily injured at your house. Also consider roadside assistance coverage. In the event your vehicle breaks down or you lock your keys in your car, it can save the day!

But wherever or however you’re watching the game, we hope you enjoy every last minute! Go team!

Above, Jessica Fox, one of our insurance agents, is a dedicated football fan of her alma mater, the Tennessee Volunteers. Pictured, she attends the opening game of the season decked out in team spirit while still protecting herself from harsh sunlight.

Apple Picking: The Perfect Fall Pastime

Have you ever picked an apple straight from the tree and took a bite? Have you ever ventured through rolling plains or hill tops getting “lost” in the ongoing rows of beautiful orchards? Or did you know there are over fifty varieties of apples, varying in taste, color and size? If you have never experienced these sensations, consider grabbing your family or friends and finding an apple orchard near you! We’re always looking for a great outdoor activity to enjoy what the season has to offer. Here is a hand picked list of the top eight apple orchards across the country. (No specific order)

  • The Apple Barn & Cider Mill; Sevierville, TN
  • Sky Top Orchard; Flat Rock, NC
  • Alyson’s Orchard; Walpole, NH
  • Apple Holler; Sturtevant, WI
  • Kizokawa Family Orchards; Parkdale, OR
  • King Orchards; Kewadin, MI
  • Mercier Orchards; Blue Ridge, GA
  • Stribling Orchard; Markham, VA
apple orchard
green apples in bucket