Foreclosure Prevention

Options Exist to Avoid Foreclosure: If you are experiencing financial hardships and are worried that you cannot make your scheduled loan payments, please call 21st Mortgage today at 1-800-955-0021 so that one of our experienced Financial Counselors can review the options that are available to assist you. Available options vary with the unique circumstances of each individual, but some alternatives include:

  • Repayment Plans
  • Payment Assistance
  • Debt management programs with independent, non-profit agencies
  • Loan Assumptions

Documents Needed to Discuss these Options: To help determine which of the available options will best be able to assist you personally, you will want to have various documents available during your discussion with 21st Mortgage. These documents include:
  • Tax returns
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Bank statements
  • Monthly bills
  • If relevant, medical or other unanticipated bills

HUD-Certified Counseling Agencies: HUD is a U.S. government agency that offers free or low-cost counseling to homeowners. For a list of HUD certified counseling agencies in your area, please call 1-800-569-4287 or review the information available at HUD-Certified Counseling Agencies for counseling agency listings by state.

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