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Seven Ways to Transform the Interior of Your Mobile or Manufactured Home with a Farmhouse Design

 The exterior of a new manufactured home designed with a farmhouse look. The home includes plenty of natural wood features and large windows with thick white trim. Two beautiful covered porches stand on either side of the manufactured home.

Farmhouse design has been a hot home design trend that was around even before Chip and Joanna Gaines promoted it on HGTV. The appeal is timeless, universal, and surprisingly easy to mimic in the interior of a mobile or manufactured home.

Farmhouse style is a natural choice for the interiors of smaller singlewide homes but also looks great in doublewides and throughout sprawling triplewide homes. If you’re looking to upgrade your mobile or manufactured home with a farmhouse look, check out these seven ideas to get you started.

1. Keep the interior of your mobile home light and bright

 The interior of a manufactured home in a farmhouse style. The floors are covered with thick wooden floor planks that have a rustic look. The walls are covered in shiplap painted white to make the interior of the mobile home look brighter.

Just as farms need lots of sunlight to grow crops, a farmhouse-style home needs lots of light — whether it streams in from the windows or reflects from the light-colored walls and cabinetry. Keep your walls white or light shades of neutrals like cream or gray. You may want to feature an accent wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint.

Use light colors on upholstered furniture and bedding. Accents of pale blue, yellow, and green look great against white backgrounds, tying together the farm and nature theme.

2. Rustic wood flooring

New flooring with old-fashioned charm can make a dramatic difference throughout your home. Composite, vinyl, or wood flooring with a rustic finish looks great from entryways to kitchens and baths. Choose something durable to stand up to the traffic and usage of each room. Natural wood coloring will contrast nicely with white or light-colored walls.

3. Shiplap where you can

The interior of a mobile home in the style of a farmhouse. The walls are covered in shiplap and painted white to help light reflect throughout the home. A rustic sideboard with a live-edge wooden table top stands against the wall. A natural wooden beam runs across the top of the wall.

If you love farmhouse design, then you probably love the look of shiplap. It’s an easy fix to cover damaged or textured walls and can be purchased pre-painted to make the installation even easier. And you don’t need to cover an entire room in shiplap to get the farmhouse effect. Use it to cover one or all surfaces of a kitchen island, a small accent wall, or an entry nook for visual interest without the work and expense of applying everywhere.

Beadboard can also be a good alternative for instilling farmhouse charm. Use it as a backsplash or as the backdrop to open shelving.

4. Add floor and ceiling molding throughout your mobile home

Your mobile or manufactured home may have been designed with minimal trim on the floor and ceilings. This is the time to add simple flat floor and crown or ceiling molding that will instantly upgrade the look of any room.

While you’re at it, surround windows with wide trim and install window sills. You can hang window treatments from rustic pipe fittings that are spray painted in a matte black finish.

5. Bring in the rustic! Add reclaimed wood – or wood-look – ceiling beams

The interior of a rustic farmhouse style kitchen in a manufactured home. The kitchen island and counters feature natural wooden countertops that match the rustic wood flooring. Natural wooden shiplap is also featured on the ceiling, along with thick white accent beams. Three large, bright windows allow plenty of light into the kitchen of the mobile home.

Rustic wood beams add such a distinctive touch to the living areas of any home. You can create a wood beam look by installing faux beams or surrounding existing support beams with rustic barn wood. Reclaimed barn wood also adds a rustic charm when used as shelving, mantels, or fireplace surrounds. If you can’t find the real thing, you can find rustic-look planks at your home store.

6. Install a farmhouse sink

Anyone would enjoy doing the dishes in a deep farmhouse or apron sink. They come in a wide range of materials, from copper or porcelain to cast iron with an enamel coating. But remember, the deep size will cut into your storage space beneath. They blend nicely with woodblock, granite, or concrete countertops.

Pair your farmhouse sink with a high arching pulldown faucet so you can clean the big tub with no problem — and because those industrial faucets look really cool in your kitchen.

7. Add barn doors to your manufactured home

A large, natural wooden barn door stands along the wall. The floors are made of rustic wood planks. A neutral beige sofa and loveseat are featured next to two large windows with rustic wooden window trim.

The barn door look is a powerful accent that screams farmhouse design. These doors and the railings they slide on are easy to install if you know your way around a toolbox. A barn door can be a space saver compared to a traditional door that swings open, but before you jump on this look, consider whether you have the wall space to accommodate the door when it slides open over the wall.

Enjoy the New Farmhouse Look of Your Manufactured Home

There you have it! You’re off to a good start making your mobile or manufactured home into the home of your dreams. Your friends at 21st Mortgage are here to help you when you are considering purchasing a mobile or manufactured home or looking to upgrade your land improvements. You’ll be amazed at the affordability, livability, and design options available when you consider purchasing a mobile or manufactured home. Contact us today.

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