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We'll need to know:

◻ Full name, date of birth, and current address
◻ Social Security number, tax identification number, or Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad
◻ Income and employment information
◻ Home information (year, number of sections)
◻ Property address
◻ If in a community, community name and lot rent
◻ If purchase, loan purchase price and requested down payment
◻ If refinance, amount to borrow and estimate of home/property’s value
◻ If buying from a retail home center, retailer's name
◻ If buying from an individual or realtor, name (if available)


Loan Programs

21st Mortgage Corporation is a full service lender specializing in manufactured home loans. We underwrite, originate, and service our own loans. That means there are no hassles with minimal wait times. We provide competitive rates for affordable housing, whether you're buying for the first time or looking for a better refinancing package.

21st Mortgage Loan Programs

Our manufactured and mobile home loan programs include:
• Fixed rates
• No pre-payment penalties
• No land required
• Financing for homes located within a Park or Community
• Financing for new and used manufactured homes
• Permanent or nonpermanent foundations
• Primary, Secondary, Investment, and “Buy-For” (purchase for someone else)
• Closing costs and most third party fees may be financed
• Used Manufactured Homes (person-to-person) type transactions must be ready for immediate occupancy. Move‐In Ready condition at permanent location required. No Rehab loans available or financing available for homes that have to be moved.
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Credit Guidelines FAQ

Q. Do you offer pre-qualifications?
A. Our home loan application is very streamlined, but we do not offer pre-qualifications.

Q. Do you offer manufactured home only and land & home financing in my area?
A. We offer financing in 46 states. Only loans in AK, HI, MA, and RI are excluded. We also do not offer land & home loans in the following IL counties: Cook, Kane, Peoria, and Will.

Q. What is the minimum home loan amount you provide?
A. For homes purchased from a Retailer or from an existing 21st Mortgage customer, we have a minimum loan amount of $16,000. For homes purchased from another individual or refinanced, the minimum loan amount is $25,000.

Q. What is required for a home loan down payment?
A. Home loan down payments as low as 0% are available for well qualified buyers. Typical down payment requirements range from 5% to 35% and are based on overall credit profile of the buyer, collateral type (home type, home placement, etc.), and occupancy type (i.e. primary residence, secondary home, etc.). Investment properties and “Buy-For” transactions require a minimum of 20% down payment. Home loan down payments may be in the form of cash, trade, or land equity.

Q. What are your current interest rates for home loans?
A. Our rates typically range from 8% to 14% and are based on the overall credit profile of the applicant, age of the home, collateral type (i.e. home type, home placement, etc.), occupancy type (i.e. primary residence, secondary home, etc.), loan amount, and loan to value. Want more specifics? Check out our Payment Estimator!

Q. What are your maximum loan terms for manufactured home only and land & home loans?
A. We offer terms up to 30 years on new and used Land Home loan products. Additionally, we offer terms up to 25 years on new and used Home Only loan products. Investment properties are limited to 10 year terms.

Q. Do you have a minimum credit score requirement?
A. We do not have a minimum credit score for most manufactured home only and land & home loans. For applicants scoring less than 575 and for zero credit score buyers, we have loan options available that may require higher down payments – usually a minimum of 35% in the form of cash, trade, or land equity.

Q. Do you have a maximum Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio?
A. We do not have a maximum debt ratio on any 21st Mortgage portfolio loan. If your DTI is above 43%, there may be additional documentation requirements.

Q. Do you have restrictions on age of home?
A. We have no restrictions for the age of the home.

Q. Do you offer refinance loans?
A. Yes. We offer competitive refinance options. Refinance of an existing 21st Mortgage loan requires a minimum of 5% down payment. “Consolidation / Cash-Out” options are available, but require a minimum credit score of 600. Consolidation / Cash-Out option is not available in TX. Contact us today to apply for a home refinance loan!

Q. Do you finance bank owned foreclosures or repossessed property?
A. We do offer financing for foreclosed or repossessed property owned by 21st Mortgage. We do not offer financing for foreclosed or repossessed properties that are being purchased from another lender.

Q. Will you escrow property taxes and insurance for my home only or land & home loan?
A. For all 21st Mortgage loans, we escrow an amount each month to pay your annual property tax and insurance obligations.

Q. Do you require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?
A. No. We do not require PMI on any 21st Mortgage portfolio originated loan. This will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage loan.

Q. Do you offer financing for mobile or manufactured homes that need improvements or rehabilitation?
A. No. 21st mortgage does not provide financing for homes that need repairs or modernization. At a minimum, the home should have working plumbing, appliances, sound roof/flooring, electricity, gas, locking doors, and meet all local code requirements.

Q. Do you offer financing for manufactured or mobile homes that need to be moved?
A. Yes. If you are buying a manufactured or mobile home from a licensed retailer/dealer that is set and approved with 21st Mortgage. No. If you are purchasing a home from an individual/private party.

Meeting the above guidelines does not guarantee approval.
State restrictions may apply.
* Rates and Credit Guidelines are subject to change without notice.

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