Transfer Your Loan

Trying to sell your home? 21st Mortgage offers two options.
Additionally, this sales kit provides suggestions to help make the sale!

Option 1: Assuming your current account (AKA Loan Assumption)

A potential home buyer may assume your current account rather than purchasing your home.
If approved, this allows the new buyer to assume the current terms of the loan, title the home into their name, and continue payments. A down payment may be required.

What to do if the potential buyer is interested in this option:
  • The new buyer needs to fill out an assumption application.
  • Call Customer Service at 1(800) 955-0021 ext.2900 to have an application sent to them via fax, email or regular mail.
If you have any questions on this option please call Customer Service at 1(800) 955-0021 ext.2900
Option 2: Purchase Home Outright

In this case, the new home buyer assumes all liabilities of the account and the title of the home is transferred at the point of sale. As in the above option, the home buyer must still get approved by our credit staff. This will also require a down payment from the home buyer in order to process this transaction. If you are interested in this option, have the potential buyer fill out the credit application completely by one of the below ways:

What to do if you are interested in this option:
  • Apply On-Line
  • Apply over the phone to our Direct Lending Department at 800-955-0021 ext: 1456