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  • The current application process requires the use of pop-up windows. Please disable pop-up blockers before continuing.
  • 21st Mortgage currently does not conduct business in Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Rhode Island.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  How does the process work? 
The 'Submit New Application' button will launch a pop-up window where you will be asked to input information in order for 21st Mortgage Corporation to process your loan request.

  Can I save my application and finish it at a later time? 
Yes, you can do so by selecting the 'Save and Continue Later' button that is located throughout the application. You may resume completing your application by clicking on the 'Continue Application' button and selecting the appropriate option. Make sure you keep the application number that will be given to you as you will be asked to enter it when you return to complete the application.

  What is the 'Save and Continue Later' button? 
The Save and Continue button is located throughout the on-line application and it should be used in the event the individual completing the application wishes to quit and continue at a later time. The information will be saved for 10 business days. You have 10 business days to return to the application and complete it.

  What is the 'Continue An Application' button for? 
The 'Continue Application' button is to be used when an applicant, co-applicant, or co-signer chose to save and continue their application at a later time by clicking the 'Save and Continue Later' button during the process of completing the on-line application. He/she is able to resume completing their application by clicking on this link and selecting the appropriate option. It is also for co-applicants and/or co-signers that are entering their information separately given that the main applicant did not include such information.

  What is the difference between a Co-Applicant and a Co-Signer?  
Co-Applicant is the person who will be liable on the credit contract but also has equal ownership of the home. While still responsible for the payments, the co-applicant’s name would be on the title and will have equal rights to the home.

Co-Signer is the person who will be liable on the credit contract but does not receive the benefit of the loan. The Co-signer is one who enables the primary applicant to obtain the loan but does not receive or use the loan proceeds or goods purchased with the loan.

  If I am a Co-Applicant or Co-Signer entering my information separately, can I save my application to complete at a later time? 
Yes, if you are a co-applicant or co-signer entering your information separately through 'Continue An Application', you can still use the 'Save and Continue Later' button located throughout the application.
To resume completion, press the 'Continue An Application' button and select the option "I am a co-applicant/co-signer wanting to enter my information on an existing application".

  How does 21st Mortgage protect my personal information? 
Because privacy is of such concern to all consumers, 21st Mortgage takes stringent measures to protect your personal information. Once you submit your application it is encrypted for transmission and then stored with industry-leading security servers.

  Who can I call if I have questions regarding the on-line application? 
Please call 1-800-955-0021 ext. 1566