21st Gives Back: Fair Garden Community Pre-school

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to volunteer at Fair Garden Community Preschool! Fair Garden Elementary School was built in 1916 to serve children grades K-8 in the East Knoxville Burlington Community.
In 1987, Knoxville City and Knox County Schools Systems merged to become a single school district.
With this merging, many changes followed, including the closing of Fair Garden Elementary School in 1990.
The building sat idle for a year before a Chapter 1 Visionary Committee was formed to help determine how best to utilize the facility.
The group, composed of business and community leaders, parents, and educators, decided to develop a Family Community Resource Center.
The program offers educational and supportive services for Title 1 eligible preschoolers, ages three through five.
To assist the director in preparing the school for students returning, we cleaned the school "nap mats", sorted baskets for students to keep their belongings in, and created name tags for the classroom.