21st Gives Back : Shades of Development

My team got to Volunteer with the Shades of Development summer program through Volunteer East TN yesterday. It was a wonderful and fun opportunity for us.
We went to Powell Elementary School and when we first got there we helped with a project to start a garden. We spray painted old tires and it was really nice to team build during this process. Once we were ready to put the dirt and soil in the planters the older kids came out to help. Shades of Development has a program called "Leaders in Training" so the future leaders came to help during this tougher part of the planter project.

During this project we had to wait for the spray paint to dry so while we waited we got to help out with an art project with the kids. The summer program has children from Kindergarten through ages 13. Some of my team went with the youngest kids, some with the middle and some with the oldest. We helped the teachers and kids with their art project as well as chat and get to know them.

This Volunteer project was fulfilling and fun and all the kids wanted us to come back again! We all felt the same way!