21st Gives Back: Beardsley Farms

Beardsley Farms is a nonprofit organization that promotes food security and sustainable agriculture. They have been working since 1998 to increase access to fresh produce in Knoxville's food dessert through produce donations, educational programs, and community gardening. Every year, with the help of over 1,000 volunteers, they are able to donate sustainably grown produce to local hunger-relief organizations and shelters. The farm grows over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables and donates over 11,000 pounds of produce annually. Produce donations go to a variety of Knoxville kitchens and pantries, including Mobile Meals, KARM, Global Seeds, and the Family Crisis Center.

The food they grow is without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and features many examples of sustainable agriculture, including a compost system, honeybees, rainwater harvesting, a drip irrigation system, free-range chickens, and a fruit and berry orchard.

We worked yesterday fertilizing 2 of the beds growing vegetables, picked up trash in the area since they share the acreage with a park, and cleaned some of the bamboo recently hung at their new facility.

They have a work day this Saturday 2/25/17 from 12 pm-3 pm if anyone is interested in helping put for a few hours.

You can find more info at their website: