CEO Tim Williams Speaks at Haslam 2016 Graduation

“I hope to inspire you to take action in three areas of your life. I will start with the easy one.

1. The biggest difference between academically successful people and those without post secondary educations is due to the influence of the people in their lives. Very few of us are able to find success in life without good role models.
Send those people a personal thank you card expressing your gratitude. Now let me clarify this recommendation. It is not to send a text message, email, Twitter or Facebook post.

2. The people who are happiest in life – are those best able to balance the demands of work, family, and self.
I urge you to prioritize the qualities you look for in a company. … in your place my top three characteristics would be

1) an innovative company in an industry with growth potential.
2) A company with a reputation for treating its customers, team members, and other stakeholders according to the Golden Rule.
3) A company who encourages its team members to maintain a healthy balance between Career, Family, and Self.

Never fail to recognize the importance of Family: Take time to hug your kids, read a bedtime story, take your spouse on a date, and
above all else take your kids to visit their grandparents. …I’m a grandparent.
Find a balance in your life. Take time to exercise where you can make it a habit and protect that time as your highest priority.

3. The third point I want to make is about being engaged and governance. New laws and regulations are written and rarely repealed. I urge you to take an interest in the proposed laws and regulations that affect your industry
Meet your City Councilman, your county commissioner, your congressman and your senator. Join and be active in the association representing you in the state capitals and in Washington. Do not assume the politicians and regulators really understand your business.”

-Tim Williams
CEO 21st Mortgage