21st Gives Back: Gatlinburg Wildfire Relief

I really appreciate you granting us the opportunity to volunteer with the Gatlinburg wildfire relief efforts!  We spent the afternoon sorting donations at one of the Knoxville distribution centers, and getting to see first-hand the amount of donations at just this one location was overwhelming!  

They are set up in the old Sea Ray plant at Forks of the River, and the warehouse is filled from one end to the other with new and used items donated by people from all across the country.  Items sent to this location are considered "secondary priority," meaning they're not items that are considered an immediate need for victims.  That was hard for us to believe since most of the items we were sorting were clothing, but that just goes to show how amazing the response was right after the fires.  The clothing, bedding, shoes, toys, and household items we sorted through were then sent to be packaged for shipping to other locations that would clean and distribute the items to the victims who need them in the coming weeks and months as they re-establish living arrangements.

Because the amount of incoming donations has been much more than anticipated, the need for volunteers to help unload, sort, package, and distribute these items is still great.  My team and I would encourage anyone interested in volunteering their time to the wildfire relief efforts to sign up to do so through Volunteer East Tennessee at the link below.